Choosing the right web designer & developer for your law firm is a major decision that directly impacts your firm’s success. In this article, you’ll discover why attorneys who join us achieve the greatest online results.

Key Takeaways

  • Our professionally designed & developed WordPress websites are proven to generate leads
  • Our prices reflect the size of your firm, and don’t grow unless you grow.
  • Your website launches within 3 days of content submission.
  • Data drives our design process to maximize your online results.
  • You own your content, with no long-term contracts.
  • We manage all of your content, updates, backups, security and maintenance.

Lawyers infamously have wretched websites. If you haven’t noticed, you’re probably “too close” to the industry to see that the high quality of websites that exist in other industries simply don’t exist in volume within the legal space. 

Try this… Google: “Industry with the worst websites” and click the very first link from, titled “The Industry with the Worst Websites.” Their winner: law firms. Keep in mind, this is a completely unbiased, open-ended search query.

In August 2017, we discovered this organically while looking for a startup lawyer. We quickly grew alarmed by the number of archaic website designs and outdated technologies—sites that hadn’t been updated since Shirley Schmidt left Denny Crane for the Secretary of Defense… 

Thus, we made it our goal to elevate the standard of websites in the legal services space. Some two years later, we have a suite of beautiful, effective website that are perfectly tailored to fit solo attorneys and small law firms. Preamble concluded; here’s why we’re great:

Premium, Responsive WordPress Websites

Our professionally designed and developed WordPress websites were created with emphasis on beauty, user-interaction and results. Each fully responsive (“mobile-friendly”) design meets the specific needs of solo attorneys and small law firms so you can inform and appeal to your target audience. All necessary webpages are included (based on this case study), but it’s up to you to supply the copy. After all, you’re the only one qualified to build the trust you need from your online visitors.

The design, we take care of: each design component has been optimized for ease-of-use, so your visitors are more likely to stick around and, ultimately, convert.

All of our websites are built on WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We chose WordPress because of its overwhelming popularity, open-source-nature, ease-of-use, customizability and unparalleled SEO advantages.

WordPress was originally built as a blogging platform, but has evolved tremendously, thanks to its open-source nature and vast supporting community. People all around the world contribute to WordPress by developing new themes, plug-ins and updates that extend its functionality and keep it secure.

For those concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’ll be pleased to know that WordPress was created with SEO in mind. Matt Cutts, the former head of the (anti-)web spam team at Google, proudly endorsed WordPress for its SEO-friendliness, saying, ”WordPress takes care of 80-90% of Search Engine Optimization” and has claimed that people who choose WordPress are “intelligent” people. Thanks, Matt, but our heads are big enough.

WordPress’ optimization potential coupled with its ability to support unique and engaging web design made it the obvious CMS for our websites. Check out our web design portfolio here.

Affordable For Solos and Small Law Firms

The American Bar Association conducted a benchmark study on law firm website costs and found the average cost to be $6,183. This cost does not include web hosting, domain fees, updates, maintenance, backups, security, ongoing content updates, SEO, etc. For a new solo or startup practice, plunking down this kind of money, on top of monthly fees, might not be feasible early on.

Our websites cost just $3,850 if you pay upfront, or we offer a plan with modest monthly payments of $300 for 12 months. We also offer very cost-effective hosting, maintenance, security and content management. Check out our website product & pricing information for more details.

On top of our website services, we offer cost-effective (and effective) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages to help get your firm discovered by nearby legal consumers. Check out our SEO product & pricing information for more details.

Your Website Goes Live in 3 Days or Less

The average website development turnaround time, as found by the ABA, is 76 days. We will have your beautiful, custom-tailored website live in just 3 days.

No catch! The only thing we need from you is your website copy—and we provide a very user-friendly form that walks you through the entire process—check out our content submission form here.

Data-Backed Design Achieves Results

The goal of your website is to maximize lead-generation and promote the growth of your practice. Before your online visitors decides to become clients, though, they have to trust you. And how do you convey trust? You may think its compelling copy, but it’s actually great design—seriously.

A Northumbria University study discovered of all the factors someone may reject or mistrust a website, 94% are design-related. In other words, just about every one of your online visitors judges your firm’s credibility by the design aesthetic and user-experience of your website.

Because we know how important design is in conversion optimization, we’ve employed research studies to better understand how legal consumers interact with and consume content on law firm websites.

We tested users’ decision-making processes when navigating various website designs and set up heatmaps to track where users focus their attention. Our findings were used to optimize our website designs, through dozens of iterations—and now our websites works harmoniously with the website navigation tendencies of legal consumers, to maximize your online results.

No Extended Contracts & Open-Source

We do not enforce long-term contracts—just first and last month’s hosting fees and you can cancel anytime you’d like.

Because our website are built on the open-source CMS WordPress, you will own all of your content forever and never be stuck on a platform that makes it difficult to leave. Be careful not to purchase a website on a proprietary CMS or you could end up with catastrophic issues:

  • You can’t (and won’t) own a website that’s stuck on a closed-source platform.
  • Your website functionality is limited by the skills of just a few in-house developers as opposed to a worldwide community.
  • A website on a proprietary platform may not migrate to a new platform—which usually means starting over completely.
  • Upon switching platforms or developers, you could lose all content created during your contract, completely ruining your SEO.

You’ll never experience these issues with us and you’re free to walk away at any time, period.

We Do Everything For you

We make it incredibly quick and easy for you to have a proper, professional online presence. Our process is simple, so simple that you don’t even have to talk to us! You can purchase your website and submit your content directly on our website and we take care of the rest.

Upon purchase, we provide you simple email instructions to get your site live on the web in under 3 days. We just need your copy and some domain information and that’s it!

Our websites are fully managed, so you never even have to login to the backend of your site. If you want content edits, such as publishing a new blog article or adding a practice areas, just send us an email at with your content changes and we’ll handle it for you!

If you have any questions for us, please email us at

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