Lawyer SEO strategies built uniquely for your law firm

Law Firm SEO Services

Our law firm SEO packages employ optimization strategies that are proven to increase your website’s visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing. By constantly refining your approach and targeting specific audiences, we will maximize your site’s health score, and search-friendliness to get you more high-value web traffic—and ultimately more high-value clients.

Competitor benchmarking

Focus keyword research

Yoast SEO integration

Media optimization

Submit XML sitemap

Ongoing content SEO

80+ directory listings markup

Monthly progress audits


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving your site’s organic search engine visibility. There are two basic types of SEO: on-site optimization and off-site optimization.

  • On-site SEO focuses on optimizing elements that live on your law firm’s website, such as sitemap structure, internal links, HTML markup, copy, images and much more. Making sure your site is developed in a search-friendly way can help ensure you’re maximizing the potential of you other, off-site optimization strategies.
  • Off-site SEO focuses on matters that aren’t directly on your law firm’s website, such as directory listings, backlinks (links to your website from other sites), online reviews and much more. Off-site optimization should be pursued once your on-site SEO strategies have maximized your site’s health score.

SEO can also be split into organic optimization and local optimization. Organic SEO focused on ranking higher for the keywords related to your legal service offerings while local SEO adds the factor of geographic location. By building a strategy that focuses on both organic and local searches, simultaneously, you will maximize your potential to bring the most relevant, high-value, organic web traffic.

Expert Law Firm SEO Strategies

We consider ourselves law firm SEO experts, and we continue to improve our strategies as we learn and develop more optimization methods. We employ tested & proven SEO methods, as well as build experimental studies to develop our own unique optimization strategies. With every method we employ, we focus on a singular goal: help our clients get more clients.

Our optimization strategies include:

  • Technical, on-site methods to improve SEO site health
  • Off-site methods that increase your site’s Domain Authority (DA)
  • Organic methods to get found for your core practice areas
  • Local methods to target nearby legal consumers


If you already have a live website or domain, we’ll start your SEO journey by performing a site audit. This audit will crawl your site and all content to reveal any technical issues on your site that could be negatively impacting its search engine ranking potential. We will deliver your personalized SEO audit in a report, which includes a detailed breakdown of all errors, warnings and notices.

Once we’ve had the chance to analyze the site audit and error list, we will begin optimizing your site to fix the technical issues. Our goal is to get your SEO site health score into the 90%+ range before we begin to focus on content-centric SEO factors.


Once your site health is up to snuff, we begin the discovery phase, to find the keywords that will lead to the most relevant website traffic once your site is optimized. To do this, we analyze common, known queries to gain insight such as search volume, keyword difficulty, related search terms and more.

Once we’ve come up with a list of keywords that best fit your firm’s business goals, we infuse your nearby locations in order to create long-tail keywords that focus on your geographic location(s).

These keywords will be used in various ways across your site (and elsewhere). We will also monitor these keywords in search results to measure your position rank on a weekly basis, to validate the improvements we’ve made to your optimization strategy.


Before we begin our research, we’ll ask you for the names and domains of a few of your local competitors. We’ll analyze their websites and use their rankings strategies to come up with your plan, in order to beat them at the most valuable keywords and exploit weaknesses in their non-rankings.

As your SEO journey unfolds, you’ll be able to measure how your domain ranks relative to competitors’, comparing average rank, number of ranked keywords, estimated organic traffic and overall online visibility.

Competitor benchmarking helps us devise a content plan for your site as well, in order to build “Evergreen Content.” Basically, use their content as a benchmark to build you own. We don’t stop at copying success; we strive to 2x your competitors’ strategies, as once they see their rankings dip, they’ll start working harder to rebuild their rank. Our goal is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

With our proven law firm seo services, we’ll continue to build momentum for your ranking in the search results, even when your competitors pick up the pace.

SEO Site Audit Health Benchmark Score


Your website may seem fine from the frontend, but what really matters is how search engine robots crawlers see your site. They analyze the actual code that makes up your site, and even a pretty website can be a mess to crawlers/robots.

Our site audit reveals all of the technical issues holding your site back in the search results, and the first thing we do is eradicate the errors to build up your site’s SEO health score.


We build a list of the most effective focus keywords, based on your practice areas to optimize your site. Our goal is to get you to rank as highly as possible for the search queries that legal consumers are entering into search engines like Google and Bing.

We constantly monitor the ranks for these search queries as we perform SEO on your site to verify improvements are taking place and your ranks are seeing positive results.


Local SEO deals a lot with off-site optimization, on legal directory listings, Google My Business, Yelp and more. It’s important to not only claim & verify your business on these platforms, but also to optimize these profiles in order to maximize their effectiveness.

We build, verify and maintain up to 80 online directory listings for your law firm, make sure all information is accurate, and there are duplicate listings negatively impacting your business.

A major Local SEO factor is generating positive reviews from past clients—it’s important to let clients know it helps when they leave positive, detailed reviews (that include your focus keywords).

Lawyer SEO Copywriting Benchmark Content Audit


Unless you built an SEO plan prior to writing all of the content on your website, it’s unlikely that it is optimized well. Once we’ve completed the technical SEO and research phases, we move onto helping you optimize your content so it can start generating meaningful traffic.

For each of your practice areas, we build a separate strategy, using different, relevant keywords and provide competitor articles to beat. Once the new content has been developed, we analyze and score in order to provide actionable feedback.

Our goal is to get each of your content pages and blog pages a score of 9/10 or higher.


Each month, you’ll get a personalized report detailing your progress in the search results for your list of keywords (search queries). You’ll be able to easily see changes in your search engine visibility relative to your competitors, your average rank, which terms you rank for, and monitor site health & technical optimization aspects.

Early on, rankings tend to fluctuate aggressively, but once your site has seen 6-8 months of constant improvements, your ranking volatility should reduce significantly.


We offer two attorney SEO marketing packages: one-time SEO and ongoing SEO.

Our one-time plan takes care of all of the technical, on-site optimization items that all websites should perform prior to launch. This includes optimizing the site around legal service offering keywords, submitting XML sitemaps to search engines, redirecting old or broken URLs and much more.

Our ongoing SEO plan employs much more aggressive and constant optimization strategies to help your site continue to build momentum and meaningful organic search traffic. The ongoing SEO plan starts at $950 per month, but ultimately depends on the amount of competition in your geographic location. Before signing onto the ongoing SEO plan, we will provide you with a personalized monthly pricing breakdown.

One-time SEO


pay once

  • One-time, on-site technical optimization
  • Competitor benchmarking & keyword research
  • Yoast SEO installation & configuration (app pages)
  • Media optimization (URLs, Titles, Alt Text)
  • Broken link monitoring & 301 redirects
  • Submit XML sitemap to Google & Bing

ongoing seo


per month

  • Everything in ‘One-time SEO’ package, plus…
  • Ongoing blog & site content optimization
  • Build & maintain up to 85 directory listings
  • markup injection (locations & services)
  • Monthly SEO progress audits & benchmarking
  • Ongoing keyword optimization (organic & local)
  • Ongoing content scoring & optimization
  • Ongoing broken link monitoring & 301 redirects
  • FREE Fully Managed Hosting Plan

*Monthly cost ultimately depends on market location & practice area(s).

We’re not your typical law firm marketing agency that focuses on signing & simply maintaining clients—we are obsessed with optimization and love the competitive nature of organic search. We promise monthly progress reporting, but we tend to share more often, specifically when we get excited about your milestone ranking improvements.


How long does SEO take to see results?

Ranking results ultimately depend on the level of competition in search traffic in your market, but we typically see rankings see a major improvement within 6-8 months, with much more improvement by month 12.

How much does SEO cost?

Monthly SEO starts at $950 per month but cost ultimately depends on your practice area(s) and geographic location. We will provide you with a customized quote based on your law firm’s specifics.

Can you guarantee I will be ranked first?

Anybody who makes specific ranking guarantees in SEO is wrong to do so. We can guarantee improvement and our track record shows it.

Do I have to sign a time commitment?

We ask that you plan to stay on for 12 months for the ongoing SEO plan, as it takes time for optimization strategies to make an impact in your ranking, however, you are always free to cancel anytime, with a one-month notice.

What is the difference between SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO?

SEM is paid advertising to show up in search results (with “Ad” next to your listing). Once you stop paying for advertising, your link vanishes from the search results page. SEO, on the other hand, focuses on building lasting value, so you can rank even when you’re not actively performing any optimization.

Can I use my current website with a Command Legal SEO package?

We do offer SEO for websites that were built elsewhere. If you’re interested, we will first perform a complimentary site audit to diagnose any potential issues on your site, and will then deliver a a report and a personalized quote based on those results.

If my site is ranking highly, should I continue with my SEO services?

Because your competitors can (and will) continue to optimize your site to beat your rankings, we recommend staying progressive in your approach to competing. If you stop performing SEO, your rankings will not vanish overnight, but it is likely they will slowly drop. For sites that are happy with their current rankings, we offer an Ongoing SEO Maintenance option that simply monitors your rankings and comes up with reactive plans if there’s a dip in position.