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We are a team of designers & developers who have spent the past 28 months building a platform for solo attorneys and small law firms to purchase premium, modern and effective websites. Our designs are like nothing you will see in the industry, and our prices and speed beat any direct competitor’s. On top of our websites, we offer elegant logos to make your firm more memorable and SEO to help you get more high-value web traffic.

We provide premium websites, logos and SEO for solo attorneys and small law firms. Check out our product info for specifics.

Yes, we offer a Startup bundle that includes website, logo, one-time SEO and hosting + management. Check out the plan specifics here.

Yes, we offer an optimized migration bundle that includes a new website, logo refresh, one-time + ongoing SEO and hosting + management. Check out the plan specifics here.

We actively seek mutually beneficial partnership opportunities. Please email us at partnerships@command-legal.com and let us know how we might be able to help each other.

We are always seeking talent in the realm of design, development, digital marketing, SEO and more. If you think you’d be a good fit on our team, please email us at careers@command-legal.com with your resume’ and cover letter.


Yes, as soon as your website is paid for, you own all source code and site content in entirety.

For website pricing information, please visit our website product information.

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans. Please visit our website pricing page for details.

After you’ve submitted your website content, expect your site to go live within just 5 business days.

Yes, all of our websites are built on the latest version of WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Learn about the benefits of WordPress.

Yes, all of our websites are built on WordPress, which was created with SEO in mind. We have intelligent SEO packages for one-time, technical, on-site optimization and an ongoing plan—check out our SEO product information for details.

Once you’ve filled out the Get Started form, we will send you an email to set up a very quick onboarding call to provide details on next steps, which include deciding on your design, submitting your content, paying your initial deposit. Once these items have been completed, we’ll have your site live within 5 business days.

Yes, you are free to leave us at any time—we don’t do multi-year contracts of any type. Just reach out to us at sales@command-legal.com and let us know that you’d like to take your website elsewhere. If you’ve paid for your website in full, you’re free to move it to another hosting platform and make any changes to it that you’d like.

Yes, with both the Standard and Fully Managed hosting plans, we update your theme and plug-ins when updates become available. We also take care of security and backups on a daily basis.

Once you’ve paid your initial deposit, we will send you a link to website content submission form. The form is simple but takes some time to complete, so be sure to do this when you have about an hour to complete and submit.

Yes, we will update all content (copy & images) if you opted for the Fully Managed hosting option. To submit content changes, please email us at content@command-legal.com.

Yes, all of our websites look and function great on all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Yes, you may switch from any Command design to another for a one-time fee of $1,000. Design migrations typically take 3 days, and your website will experience little-to-no downtime.

No, we do not offer domain registration services at this point. We recommend registering your domain with wither GoDaddy or Google Domains. For domain registration assistance, please us email support@command-legal.com.

No, we do not offer domain transfer services. If your domain is registered through a standard domain registrar service, you likely don’t have to transfer your domain for us to set up your new Command Legal website. If your domain is registered through Squarespace, Wix, Weebly or another DIY website builder, you will need to transfer your domain to a standard domain registrar. We recommend transferring to GoDaddy or Google Domains. For domain transferring assistance, please email us at support@command-legal.com.

Once you’ve purchased your new website, submitted your website content and have approved your site on the staging link we provide, we will assist you in pointing your domain. It is a very quick and simple process.

Yes, you may host a Command Legal website with a different host server. If you choose to do so, you must pay for your website upfront and you do not have the option to purchase a Command SEO plan or Fully Managed Content. You will also be responsible for launching, maintaining and updating all website themes, plug-ins, content and integrations.

Yes, all of the photography delivered with your site belongs to you, although it is against our terms of use to redistribute the photography. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

We use (and highly trust) WPEngine with all WordPress website hosting and management.

To login to your website, enter your website URL followed by “/wp-admin” and enter your login credentials. If you do not remember your login credentials, click the “forgot password” link. If you still have issues logging in, please submit a support ticket.

Yes, you can either ask us to do so at support@command-legal.com by giving us the users first name, last name and email address or you can adda user on your own: login and click “Users” in the left sidebar, click “Add New” at the top of the page, fill out the information and click “Save”.


Yes, you are able to choose from our library of 60+ (and counting) logos to elevate the visual aspect of your legal brand.

Yes, all logos can be customized to your firm, with unique color palettes and typography pairings.

We have two logo/branding packages. The Simple Logo package includes your pick of any of our logos, customized to fit the look and feel of your firm, with all source files included. The Full Brand Suite includes everything in the Simple logo package, plus business card design, letterhead design, exports for social media profiles and banner images. Check out our logos product information for more details.

Yes, we offer business card design with our Full Branding Suite. Printing (done through Moo) comes with additional cost depending on certain print factors. Please contact sales@command-legal.com for information on business card printing.

Yes, we offer letterhead design with our Full Branding Suite. Printing (done through Moo) comes with additional cost depending on certain print factors. Please contact sales@command-legal.com for information on letterhead printing.

Each law firm logo can be purchase by only one customer. We will never brand two clients with identical marks, names, or specific font selections.


Yes, we currently offer two Search Engine Optimization packages. Check out our SEO product information for details on our basic, one-time SEO and ongoing SEO plans.

Our optimization strategies focus on all on-site search factors, both technical and content-related. Some of our SEO objectives include focus keyword research, competitor benchmarking, installation & configuration of the Yoast SEO plug-in, submitting XML sitemap to Google Search Console, fixing broken links, applying 301 redirects for old/missing URLs and more.

If you choose not to get even the one-time, technical SEO plan, your website traffic will very likely suffer due not getting found by high-value legal consumers in your geographic location. We highly recommend opting into the one-time, technical SEO package for your initial site launch.

If you purchased an SEO plan with your new website, we perform a pre-built migration procedure to make sure your SEO does not suffer—whether your current website is site built on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or any other platform. We account for all changed URLs and broken links, setting up 301/302 redirects appropriately. We also bring blog content from existing sites, maintaining the URL slug. Lastly, we submit new sites to

No, we do not offer legal content writing or blogging services of any kind. We firmly believe that your own content should come from your firm, as opposed to an outside group of non-lawyer writers who are largely unfamiliar with the intricacies of your law practice and legal service offerings.


We typically respond to and resolve support inquires on the same business day it was submitted, often within hours.

If you contacted our support team over 2 business days ago and have not yet received a response, please email us at support@command-legal.com.

Please email us at support@command-legal.com with “URGENT” in the subject line.


All payments are processed securely through our partners at Stripe and LawPay. All invoices are delivered through Freshbooks.

After you’ve purchased your Command Legal website, we will reach out to you with an invoice for your initial deposit. If you opted for a one-time payment, half of the cost is due upfront and the other half is due upon launch. We will send an invoice your monthly hosting & management separately. If you opted to pay in monthly installments, you will pay for your first and last month, plus a $750 setup fee. We will send an invoice your monthly hosting & management separately.

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Please email us at support@command-legal.com to change your payment information for monthly fees.

If your payment is late or denied, we will reach out to you. If you do not pay your monthly fee within 2 weeks of it being due, we reserve the right to suspend hosting on your website until all fees have been paid. If your website has been wrongfully suspended, please email us at support@command-legal.com.

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