Who we are

a simple process to get a premium online presence

Our Story

We built Command Legal on three core principles: data, design & simplicity.

Data drives our methodology. We employ case studies, focus groups and one-on-one interviews to understand the pain points of attorneys and the buying tendencies of legal consumers. We use this data throughout every facet of what we do, from our design process to how we’ve structured our pricing model.

Our website design process has evolved tremendously over the past decade. The web continues to get more competitive, so we’ve put more emphasis on using data to give our clients a scientific edge on competitors. We consider factors such as first impression upon landing, location of Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, color palettes, font selections, what pages & info are needed and much more, with the ultimate goal of improving your online lead-generation. Check out our Case Studies here.

We pride ourselves in delivering the most attractive and modern websites in the legal services space.

Even in our data-driven approach, we don’t take our eye off beauty. We carefully develop color palettes, choose media and build page structure that contribute to an ultra-premium fit-and-finish.

Our online product selection and checkout process makes it easy for you to get the info you need without being swarmed with calls and emails. We offer all pricing and product info right on our website, but we’re happy to answer any questions you have. You won’t find a competitor that operates in this fashion. They all work to get you on the phone to sell you a website—or more appropriately, sell you a foot in the door only to drag you through a gauntlet of bullshit up-sells that you don’t need. We make it a point to provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. No bullshit.

To make a big impact in this industry, we developed a systematic approach to launching and managing our clients’ websites. Our backend platform allows us to publish your WordPress website within just five days of us receiving your content. We appreciate urgency when building business, and waiting the average 76 days to launch your law firm’s website is simply unacceptable.

Attorneys are extraordinarily busy. For this reason, our websites are fully managed—so you never even have to login to the admin area. We take care of updates, backups, maintenance, security and we manage all of the content on your site for you. You send us edits via email, and we make the changes in a timely manner. You don’t need to learn a complex software or even understand the fundamentals of publishing web content to have a powerful online presence. We do the website stuff so you can do the law stuff.