Who we are

Our goal is to help small firms win big

Our Story

Our journey through the legal services marketplace made us aware of an industry-wide problem that we set out to fix.

About two years ago, we were in need of a fairly complex service agreement and took to the internet to find a small firm to help us draft it. After visiting close to 70 websites, we were struck by an aura of unprofessionalism surrounding the industry. Many attorneys seemed qualified, but their websites made them look like they didn’t give a shit about their businesses.

We spoke with just six firms. A few of them talked a sweet game, but we didn’t feel confident enough to hire one—because their first impressions (i.e. their websites) wreaked of carelessness. If an attorney isn’t willing to exhibit care in their own business, why would we expect them to care for our business?

We reopened our search and ended up hiring a large, expensive firm with a great reputation—and a great website. Simply, they felt more professional.

Six months, 8 revisions and $40,000 later, the agreement they drafted was flimsy and full of holes. It was a terrible experience. We ended up dropping them and circling back to our original shortlist of small firms with bad websites. We hired a solo, a young attorney residing just northwest of Chicago’s Loop district.

Low and behold, she did a fantastic job. She found dozens of errors, worked quickly and detailedly and delivered a perfect agreement on the first shot—and we still have her on retainer today.

Our own journey through the legal services space revealed a problem: there are great solos and small firms out there getting passed over just because they don’t look professional online. Smaller practices have less time and resources to spend on marketing, but that’s no excuse to have an outdated, ineffective website.

Attorneys aren’t only to blame. Many of our competitors prey on lawyers, charging them fortunes for trash websites that don’t instill trust or generate leads. We provide a better, simpler option for the smaller guys.

As web designers & developers with over 14 years of experience, we knew we could make an immediate impact in this space. Our goal is to improve the quality of your digital presence, so online legal consumers can grow confident in your firm before you even pick up the phone.